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A critical incident is a sudden, unexpected, adverse event that causes a powerful emotional reaction that can overwhelm our ability to cope. There’s no correct way to react or recover from critical incident stress and that’s why our Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) debriefings can help. CISMs are available to you one-on-one, or to your team, and include triage, consultation, and debriefing time, to talk about the impact of the critical incident in a confidential, safe and supportive environment.

CISMs are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To arrange a CISM, contact us at 604-872-4929 or here.


24/7 ASSISTANCE: 1-800-505-4929



You may prefer to debrief the critical incident individually, as a stand-alone session. One-on-one sessions can occur, instead of, in addition to, or as follow-up to a group debriefing.


Experiencing a critical incident is a regular part of providing health care, and a single incident may affect many staff. Group debriefing allows everyone on the team to discuss the incident, share their reaction and response to it, and receive support and information about stress management and coping strategies.



Enhanced Critical Incident Stress Management Program

The Enhanced Critical Incident Stress Management (ECISM) program is a unique Employee Wellness service, available 24/7. With a minimum of just 2 hours’ notice, urgent CISMs can be arranged. An Employee Wellness professional will respond, come to your site, and provide a team debriefing by the end of the shift. Follow up and/or additional debriefings may be requested if the team wants to meet again as a group after the initial CISM. A 3 hour “Check-in” session is also included for leaders on the unit.

24/7: 1-800-505-4929

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