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Individual and group wellness services are designed to help you balance and thrive; at work and at home. Individual wellness services include coaching and consultation services, and are usually delivered one-to-one, by phone.

The “Taking Care of Me” employee workshop series are evidence-based group wellness services that are delivered by an experienced facilitator/content expert. Topics relate to health & wellness, career and work, and relationships and family. Sessions require a manager consultation as your first step, and then are customized for your team.

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Eldercare Coaching

Provides support and guidance to assist you in managing the challenges that arise from caring for an aging parent.

Emotional Coaching

Goal-based, one-to-one supportive coaching to manage personal and workplace issues.

Financial Consultation

One-to-one consultations, by phone or in-person, to help you create a "financial prescription" to address debt repayment, retirement, and savings planning.

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Legal Consultation

A free, 30-60 minute legal consultation. One per year/employee. Note: does not include consultation in the areas of labour or employment law.

Health Coaching

A step-by-step “inside out” approach, to motivate and empower you to embrace a holistic wellness philosophy that may include weight loss, increased energy and improved self-confidence.

Parent Coaching

Tools and strategies to help you manage challenging situations, and improve your parent-child relationships with children of all ages.



Health & Wellness

Making the Best of Stress

Moving Mindfully

Mindfulness for Self-Care

Breaking Bad... Habits!

Career & Work

Clients in Distress: How to Recognize, Respond & Refer

Cultivating Compassion Resilience: How to Keep Loving the Work You Do

Cultivating Compassion Resilience 2.0: A Chance to Pause, Check-in & Relax

Mindful Communication

Mindful Communication 2.0

Mindful Self-Compassion

Relationships & Family

Mindful Parenting

Managing Money Stress

Reading Your Paystub

Money Management 101

Retirement, Savings & Investing

Estate Planning: Willy My Family Be OK?

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